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I hope you are all well.

The DC local SoulFire crew has developed a most harmonious relationship with each other surrounding the concepts of intentional music making, sacred space defining and transmutational shamanic healing, thru esctatic dance, art, rhythm and community. The ease and the grace with which we set our events up and take them down is truly a blessing in my life. This is mostly true cuz it is clear that there is effort and attention to detail by all of us, and that means that there is sustainability in this model. The content that shows up, with invitation is amazing. The Potlucks are more and more delicious, and the take downs are being done in under an hour! There are children, adults, "tweens", teens, folks from a plethora of different paths, and joy in the eyes of all.

i wanted to send a shout out to this collective of fire circle folks to announce that we have found a local site for Sacred SoulFire! YEAHHHHHH.

For the past 3 years we have been doing SoulFire Inside at Seekers Church in DC, developing the experience and intentional community based values of a sacred fire circle. We have wafted around looking for the right place for us to develop a longterm home for our outdoor Fire Circle work and play. While we have been told we "should" go to the same place and "should" be at the same time of year, we have not been able to deliver on that. In principle we agree with the suggestions, but previously we have not found the right spot for us that will enable and support our longterm growth and viability, as one of the many styles of fire circle magic available to those who seek it for themselves.

A few months ago, i sent out some requests to friends in the Frederick area, looking for sites for Sacred SoulFire. I got a couple interesting leads, but it took me a minute to follow thru on them. Recently Bellavia, Leah and myself took a ride up to Hawkwood Farm, and as soon as we arrived on the land, we all felt how things were beginning to fall into alignment. By the time we rode around on the land (it was cold and wet that day) and were sipping on a beverage in the farmhouse, with Erin (the guardian of the land) it was very clear to each of us, that it is well worth running the experiment of Sacred SoulFire at Hawkwood Farm, this summer.

There are so many synchronicities, they are too many to reflect here, but the 2 biggest are the name similarity of our home in the Southeast (Hawkwind Earth Renewal, Alabama) and the fact that Hawkwood is in HARMONY, MD.

It is our hope that Hawkwood Farm will provide the stability we desire. Yet we know that we have to follow our hearts, with no attachment to the outcome. Whatever happens, we have entered into this communal experiment, by accepting Hawkwood Farm's invitation for us to come there. Clearly, Hawkwood Farm is supporting the sacred all night fire circle movement and appears to becoming a sanctuary for surburban and urban folks like me. This land calls out to us to bring our music, motion and mojo to work with the spirits of the place, the nature, community, self, other with a focus of helping to bring more light to the world. It is a place that will welcome you with open hands and encouragement for who you are.

Details on presenters, cost and offerings to come soon, but here is what i know now.
Sacred SoulFire-Maryland
Dates: Thursday July 3rd to Sunday July 6th, (Core Collaborator Days are Weds and Monday)
CONTENT: 5 Elemental Groups (teaching & sharing circles) that will focus on deepening our relationship with self, other, spirit & the Fire Circle Itself. Community Ritual, Community Art Projects, Gratitude Tree, Ceremonial Tattoo work with SMS, All Night Fires & more.
FOOD: We will have an AMAZING Meal Plan headed up by Darriel Park (just ask anyone who was at SSF-WV how the food was)
CHILDREN: Child Centered Programing will be instigated by Tammy (Darriel's wife)
LAND DETAILS: 91 acres to find the perfect spot for camping, woods and open fields, a pond to swim and fish in, a barn to have an inside circle if we get rain, or have a movie night in. Several Fire Circles already developed, an hour from Baltimore, and hour and a half from DC, with plenty of parking.
COST: as low as we can make it.

Hawkwood Farm is home to Erin Aylor, an amazing artist and kind person. He has welcomed us with open arms and an open heart, and all involved feel a resonance of sustainability and growth. With our (Owen and myself) plans to develop a space in Baltimore, and Erin's plans to develop his land for events like SoulFire, it seems that the universe is presenting us with an opportunity to work with the Urban/Rural model of collaboration.

Long Term Event Horizons include the possiblity that we will begin Full Moon Drum and Dance events, with the colder months being at our space in Baltimore and the warmer months being at Hawkwood Farm. Time will tell us, and as soon as we have a plan for that phase, we will let you all know.

Here is a link for Erin's myspace page so you can see some images of the farm and his art.

We hope you will join us, especially if you are a local to DC/Baltimore on July 4th weekend.
With that said, we all know it is difficult to schedule without conflicting other fire circle dates. My "polling of peeps" reflected that 99% of us felt that this is a good weekend for Sacred SoulFire, as the content of our work is so different from each of the other events (we know of) being offered on that weekend. We recognize the good work that each crew of folks delivers, Earth Drum Council (AHO) and 4QF (Drum and Splash). We trust the process of the interconnected, diverse Fire Circle community members being able to choose the event that most supports their personal preference of Fire Circle style.

If we do not see each other at SSF-Maryland, may the spirits weave our paths together at some other juicy event, and very soon!
Brightest of Blessings!!!

Peace Matters,
Mz. imani

Photo by Susan Buck, all rights reserved.
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